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I believe in a better future. A place where workers can earn just wages, where single moms can be set up for success, and where the country works for the many, not the few.

I have no SuperPACS behind me, only average citizens like yourselves. That is why in office, I will not be working for a SuperPAC, I will only be working for my fellow Americans. I understand how it feels to not be heard, to not be cared for by politicians representing me. That is why I will always represent you.

My fellow Americans, you are my reason for running for office. I will never stop avenging the average citizen.

My Stance On Health Care

For far too long, citizens of this country have had insurance and medical bills higher than their mortgage. Whether it was because their insurance refused to pay their bills so that they could benefit rather than care for their patients, or because their insurance hiked up their rates once the Affordable Care Act became law, or because hospitals charged thousands for small procedures and a bed, Americans have been absolutely wronged by their health care providers. And we’re tired of it.

Why should schools require so much wealth from their medical students? Is being a health care provider not for the smart and caring, but for the rich? Our medical school system sure seems to think so.

Why should hospitals require thousands of dollars for something simple like an X-Ray, or some fluids when a person is sick? Our health care providers are among the wealthiest in this country. Those with debt from medical bills are among the poorest.

Why should our insurance companies, those who are supposed to protect us, benefit from our illnesses? They make Americans pay billions to them, and they refuse to do their job and take care of us when we are in need.

And finally, why should we be paying pharmaceutical companies billions for our medicine? And why is our Congress legally unable to stand up to them? Why can they do and charge whatever they feel without their government being able to govern them. They must serve the people, it should not be the other way around.

Our health care system leaves out the poor. It eliminates them from receiving necessary medication and treatment. Being poor should not be a death sentence, yet our health care providers treat it like it is. Our hospitals and insurance companies must stop turning away low-income Americans; they are not disposable, they have inherent human worth.

We cannot continue to allow our medical schools to charge so much that it leaves some of the most important jobs in this country to the wealthy rather than the talented. We cannot continue to allow our hospitals to charge thousands and thousands for small treatments, or millions for larger ones. They extort people during their greatest time of need and it must end. We cannot continue to allow our insurance companies to let us down when we need them most. We cannot continue to let pharmaceutical companies do whatever they choose without any repercussion or consequence. And we cannot continue to dispose of low-income Americans because they are ill. Poverty ≠ death.

Yes, the Affordable Care Act has had some major consequences, but it was the first bill to seek making health care universal. That is an accomplishment, but ObamaCare is not enough. We must reform our entire health care system, so that all Americans may afford treatment they so desperately need. We must reform so that our health care providers may stop benefiting from our downfall.

It is time for a change. I am willing to make that change.

A vote for me is a vote for your health, for your children’s health, and for generations to come’s health. A vote for Thor is a vote for America!

My Stance On Climate Change


Above: Me working on carpentry with recycled wood.

Quick question: you may hear from your candidates that they care about the environment and want to make changes to benefit it, but can you name anything they have actually done? Not some small policy that ends up being ignored, but work that genuinely benefits our earth?

Well, you can name me as a candidate whose work benefits our earth. I work with recycled materials to make unique furniture that lasts, and furniture that doesn’t damage our planet. I live in nature- no joke, my backyard is the Olympia Woods. Sustaining our planet is a huge part of my life because nature is my home. And I am so tired of politicians trying to damage mine- and everyone else’s- home.

I respect anyone who wants to create and keep jobs. That’s on my platform as well; Americans working will only boost our economy. However, I disagree with anyone who opposes creating legislation that combats climate change because that will create jobs, not destroy them. Isn’t Americans working toward a common good what this country is all about?

With me as your senator, I will demand legislation that makes a dramatic and lasting difference for our planet.

Vote for the candidate with experience in this field, the one who cares about the planet, and the one who speaks the truth rather than empty words to get a vote. Vote for me, vote for your planet.

My Story

I was born in Yakima, Washington in 1961. I graduated from Eisenhower High School in 1979. I then moved to West Seattle with my partner, Teresa Anderson, then to Olympia where we have lived ever since.

I have worked in construction and carpentry since I was 18 years old. I have not worked in lucrative jobs that many opponents of mine have; no, I am certainly a working man, a man of the people.

I create furniture out of recycled materials in order to serve our earth, not harm it for personal gain. That is what I will do for this country if elected.

I have traveled all over this country, from the islands of Hawaii to the East Coast. I understand the people of this country, and I will work only for them.amundson, thor photo (1)

About the Staff: Bruce Moorer, Treasurer

Bruce Moorer was born in Moscow, Idaho in 1955. He attended the University of Idaho, receiving his degree in Accounting. He moved to Yakima in 1978, and worked  as a CPA before going to work for Haney Trucking Industries as CFO for 30 years. He then went back to working as a CPA, and also as a forensic accountant, for his own accounting firm, Vilbrandt, Stark, and Moorer.

Bruce also currently works as the CFO for SmartBarrel, an innovative technology that prevents wine from evaporating from its barrel, and that can be electronically controlled from anywhere in the world.

Bruce has served as treasurer to many campaigns, most recently to Joe Brusic for Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney. Bruce has been successful in every campaign he has worked for.

Bruce is the husband to Debbie Moorer, and father to Claire and Olivia Moorer.


About the Staff: Olivia Moorer, Campaign Manager

Olivia Moorer is from Yakima, Washington, graduated from La Salle High School, and currently attending Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. She is majoring in English, with minors in Political Science, Leadership Studies, and Women and Gender’s Studies.

Olivia worked for the Yakima Herald-Republic for four years as a reporter (2011-2015), the Gonzaga Bulletin for one year as a staff writer (2015-2016) and is now the Editor-in-Chief of One World Magazine. She was awarded the Harvard Book Prize in 2014, and became a national speaker for the We Act Foundation at We Day in 2015.

Olivia is involved locally, nationally, and globally with service; having served on immersions on the Yakama Reservation, in Queens, New York, and in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

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Why Vote Thor?

As a citizen of Washington State, you voice deserves to be heard. Don’t leave that up to a senator who thinks of his or herself. Leave it up to a senator who is one of the people; a senator who understands your position because he is also in your position. Leave it up to Thor!